Five Eight is a multidisciplinary artist from Montreal with a graffiti background, who’s work is inspired by visual communication technologies.  His current works on walls and canvas are distorted images of cloth-draped figures lit by neon light and are representative of his personal knowledge of neon glass blowing and video circuit bending.  Five’s style is technical, measured and concerned with light, colour, and contrast.  His complete body of work includes studio paintings, neon light sculptures, and large-scale murals.

FIVE was apprentice to glass-blower Gerald Collard (Atelier Neon Family), and was assistant to artist Gene Pendon (HVW8 Production House).  FIVE is currently represented by ASHOP and has produced work for LNDMRK, MU and En Masse.  In recent years, he has accepted invitations to participate in festivals in Estonia, Germany, Kosovo, Victoria, Holland, and the USA.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019 – FUTUR, Le Livart, Montreal (Quebec)

2018 – 51416, IlleGallery with Earth Crusher, Toronto (Canada)

2018 – A Portrait Gallery, Propeller Gallery, Toronto (Canada)

2018 – Planification, Galerie Le Sino, Montreal (Quebec)

2017 – De La Rue, National Exposition Centre of Quebec, Saguenay (Quebec)

2016 – Pit Bull, Mainline Gallery, Montreal (Quebec)

2016 – MTLZOO, ArtGang Gallery, Montreal (Quebec)

2016 – Bizarre Beyond Belief, Le Sino Gallery, Montreal (Quebec)

2015 – MTL ZOO, Espace Infopresse, Montreal (Quebec)

2015 – ArtGang launch, ArtGang Gallery, Montreal (Quebec)

2014 – Montreal Mural Festival opening, Station16 Gallery, Montreal (Quebec)

2014 – Fountain Art Fair, with Station 16 Gallery, New York City NY (USA)

2013 – MTL ZOO, Galerie l’Agora, Montreal (Quebec)

2013 – Dems+Doll present a 420 Joint, Falldown Gallery, Ottawa (Canada)

2011 – Freethym, Creatures Creating Gallery, Toronto (Canada)

2011 – BFF, Headquarters Gallery, Montreal (Quebec)

2009 – En Masse, Galerie Pangée, Montreal (Quebec)

Selected Festivals:

2018 – Writer’ Block, City of Leeuwarden, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)

2018 – Concrete Canvas, City of Victoria, Victoria (Canada)

2018 – Meeting of Styles, Q’Art, Pristina (Kosovo)

2017 – Mextonia, Nueve Arte Urbano, Tallinn (Estonia)

2017 – La Grande Schmierâge, SJR Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt (Germany)

2017 – Hit the East, East Side Arts, Belfast (United Kingdom)

2017 – POW WOW, Worcester MA (USA)

2017 – Paint the Park, Halifax (Canada)

2016 – Festival MURAL, LNDMRK, Montreal (Quebec)

2015 – Festival MURAL, LNDMRK, Montreal (Quebec)

2014 – Festival Expo Quebec, with ASHOP, Quebec City (Quebec)

2013 – Art Basel, with Wynwood Embassy, Miami FL (USA)

2013 – Festival MURAL with En Masse, LNDMRK, Montreal (Quebec)

2012 – Festival Amalgam, Sherbrooke (Quebec)


2017 – “CB3600”, Private commission, 140”x30”x24”, Montreal (Quebec)

2016 – “Blackburn”, Private commission, 36”x14”, Montreal (Quebec)

2015 – “Red Marble”, Private commission, 36”x24”, Montreal (Quebec)

2015 – “Relativity”, Public commission, 900”×420”, Montreal (Quebec)

2014 – “Sandra”, Public commission, Fort Lauderdale FL (USA)

2014 – “Miami Ad school”, Private commission, 650”x65”, Miami FL (USA)

2014 – “Purple Reign”, Private commission, 240”×300”, Montreal (Quebec)

2014 – “Delta”, Private commission, 38”x28”, Montreal (Quebec)

2013 – “Oliver Jones”, Public commission, 60”x48”, Montreal (Quebec)

2012 – “Cloé La Rouge”, Private commission, 48”×60”, Fort Lauderdale FL (USA)

2012 – “Five”, Private commission, 120”×48” diptych, Fort Lauderdale FL (USA)


2014 – “Mediocre Skills”, Colart Collection, Montreal (Quebec)


2018 – Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, Travel


2020 – Graffiti & Street Art Around the Globe, Elrincondelasboquillas, pages 32-33

2019 – “Neon bending is about as hard as it looks. Meet the Montreal artist mastering it”, CBC Arts – Exhibitionists, Lise Hosein, May 15 2019,

2017 – “Five8, the best kept secret of Montreal street art”, Beware magazine, Nickie Robinson,

2015 – “A Beautiful Mind”, 4AM MAG, Volume 06, pages 30-32

2014 – Baselgeddon: A Novela, Andrew Kaufman, pages 10-11